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‘Dr Sandra Pluczyk’ is confirmed as speaker.

Our last speaker comes from the Silesian University of Technology, Poland. Dr Sandra Pluczyk will use her experience on the electrochemistry techniques of organic materials to highlight how these are important for uncovering design rules for TADF materials.


‘Prof. Mário Berberan-Santos’ returns to this year’s workshop.

We are very happy to announce that Prof. Mário Berberan-Santos is going to give talk in the second edition of our workshop. Prof.  Berberan-Santos was the pioneer to report delayed fluorescence (DF) in fullerenes, and later derived rate equations to describe the kinetics of the DF mechanism.

Mario Berberan-Santos

‘Dr Caroline Murawski’ confirmed as a speaker at this year’s workshop

We are very happy to announce that Dr Caroline Murawski, from St. Andrews University, will be presenting her work at our Maximising the rISC II workshop this June. Dr Murawski works on orientation of electroluminescent molecules to maximize the light extraction from OLEDs, and on new applications of high-brightness OLEDs in biophotonics.

Caroline Murawski

‘Dr Joao Avo’ announced as speaker for the workshop

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr Joao Avo has agreed to give a talk in our workshop. Dr Avo is a postdoctoral researcher at Lisbon University, where his research focuses on the photophysical characterisation of long-lived emitters for lighting and imaging applications.

Joao Avo

‘Dr Tom Penfold’ announces his return to the Maximising the rISC workshop

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr Thomas Penfold has agreed to give a talk in our workshop for a second time. Dr Penfold is a Lecturer in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at Newcastle University and his work focuses on understanding excited state processes and dynamics at a molecular level.

Tom Penfold

‘Anastasiia Klimash’ confirmed as speaker

We are happy to announce that Anastasiia Klimash from the University of Glasgow will be presenting at the workshop this summer. Anastasiia will be presenting on her recent work regarding the observation of TADF in quinoline-based helicene molecules. Together with Gregory Pieters we should have a very interesting panel on chirality in TADF.

Anastasia Klimash

‘Dr Gregory Pieters’ confirmed as speaker

We are pleased to announce that Gregory Pieters from CEA Saclay will be presenting at the workshop this summer. Dr Pieters will presenting on his recent work regarding chiral, TADF emitters that exhibit circularly polarised luminescence.

Gregory Pieters2